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Do you have a visual-spatial child? Let's find out!


Does your child remember what is seen but forget what is heard?
Does your child have a vivid imagination?
Can your child visualize objects from multiple perspectives?
Does your child enjoy solving puzzles and mazes?
Illustrated by Buck Jones
All rights reserved. Copyright 2002
From Silverman, L. K. (2002). Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner.
(Denver: DeLeon). All rights reserved.
These are children who would reather spend the day with a new box of LEGOs than do nearly anything else in the world.
Kids who can get so absorbed in creative play, they lose all sense of time.
Often labeled unorganized, unfocused, poor spellers or worse, visual-spatial learners can be equal parts pleasure and frustration to parent. We're here to help!
VSLs also have some amazing strengths. Learn more about them here.

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