The Visual-Spatial Identifier


What is the Visual-Spatial Identifier?

The Visual-Spatial Identifier includes both a self-rated instrument and an observer instrument. Using both, and with the help of two grants from the Morris S. Smith Foundation, our Visual-Spatial Resource team has validated the Identifier with 750 fourth, fifth and sixth graders (White, Hispanic; rural, suburban; all socio-economic ranges; all intellectual ranges).


Research Findings

We have high confidence (over 80%) that:
  • At least one-third are strongly visual-spatial
  • One-fifth are strongly auditory-sequential
  • The remainder are a balance of both learning styles
Of that remainder (who are not strongly visual-spatial nor strongly auditory-sequential),
  • Another 30% show a slight preference for visual-spatial learning style
  • Another 15% show a slight preference for auditory-sequential learning style
This means that more than 60% of the students in a regular classroom learn best with visual-spatial presentations and the rest learn best with auditory-sequential methods.
Among gifted students, the proportion of visual-spatial learners may be much higher. In one small sample, more than three-fourths of the gifted students preferred visual-spatial methods.

Using the Identifier


The Identifier is available in English or Spanish and contains fifteen items to complete. It should take just ten minutes to answer the questions.
The student should complete the "Self Report," while an adult who has good knowledge of the student's learning behaviors (such as a teacher or parent) should complete the "Observer Report."
To obtain the Visual-Spatial Identifier:

Scoring and Interpretation

For scoring and interpretation of your student's Identifier, please provide the following information so a report with the results may be sent to you:
  • The completed Identifiers, both Self-Report and Observer Report
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your mailing address
  • $15 per form (payable by check, VISA or MasterCard in U.S. funds)
  • Your daytime telephone number
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