Bobbie Gilman

Barbara (Bobbie) Jackson Gilman, M.S., Associate Director, has worked with Linda Silverman since 1991, beginning just after her own sons were tested at the GDC.  She has a background in psychology and child development from Duke and Purdue. Bobbie consults with parents and educators, plans and interprets assessment to guide educational planning, participates in research using our data on over 6,500 gifted children, and promotes effective gifted assessment (she has worked with Pearson, Riverside, and Pro Ed to respond to gifted needs in test development).  Her recent presentations and interviews address assessment, advocacy, higher levels of giftedness, and twice exceptionality. Her books include the award-winning Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children: A Parent's Complete Guide and Challenging Highly Gifted Learners.  Bobbie is completing her most comprehensive advocacy book yet for parents and educators, with expanded information on twice exceptionality and the law. She co-chairs with Dan Peters the National Association for Gifted Children's Assessments of Giftedness Special Interest Group (SIG), which researched the WISC-IV and suggested best practices for its use for gifted identification. Bobbie spearheaded the members’ work on twice-exceptional issues, including the 2013 article, “Critical Issues in the Identification of Gifted Students with Co-existing Disabilities: The Twice-Exceptional,” which provided a basis for NAGC’s Position Statement, “Ensuring Gifted Children with Disabilities Receive Appropriate Services: Call for Comprehensive Assessment” (2013). The SIG’s 2017 research on the WISC-V culminated in a new 2018 NAGC position statement, “Use of the WISC-V for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Identification.” Plans are underway at GDC for Bobbie and Linda Silverman to offer advocacy support for parents with highly gifted children.