Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen, M.A., is an educator, poet and author. He teaches literature, writing and history at Tara Performing Arts High School in Boulder, Colorado. In his 41 years of teaching in secondary schools, he has taught language arts, Spanish and gifted/talented seminar. In addition, he served as the G/T Coordinator at Northglenn High School in Adams 12 School District. After earning his BA in English at Colorado State University, Bruce obtained his MA in education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has served as Secretary of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) and has presented at state, national and international conferences. He joined the ISAD Board in 2011. Bruce prizes poetry writing as a powerful strategy, not in a limited sense, but in every academic undertaking—humanities to science. His upcoming book, Pearl in a Petri Dish: Poetry, Gifted, and the Visual-Spatial Learner (Enchanted Forest Press), is a guide for teachers to infuse poetry in all subjects.