Are You an Unrecognized Gifted Adult?

Why is it important to know? 
You will gain greater self-awareness. 
You will be able to develop your gifts for the good of all instead of hiding them to fit in better.
You will find peers who truly understand you.
You will discover literature that resonates with your feelings.
You will see how giftedness affects your identity, as well as your life experiences.
You will become a good role model for your family.
You will help giftedness come out of the closet.
You will learn about opportunities to connect with other gifted adults.
We invite you to complete the Giftedness in Adults Rating Scale as part of your own journey of self-awareness. Do not expect to fit all characteristics. If you rate yourself 4 or 5 on 25 of these traits, there is a strong likelihood that you are a gifted adult. You will find loads of information in our journal.