Here is a message from Linda Silverman, Director, and Bobbie Gilman, Associate Director:
Dear Parents, 

We are closing Gifted Development Center (GDC) through May 8th.  Until then we will be available for phone consultations. We are happy to re-evaluate previous testing, in light of the new extended norms and “the gifted index” of the WISC-V. Twice exceptional children are complex, and we can help you understand confusing profiles. Please contact us for a consultation.
Now would be a good time to experiment with homeschooling. Go to for homeschooling resources for gifted children. 
If your children are suffering from “cabin fever,” growing weary of their extended Spring break, consider using this opportunity to bring them to GDC for assessment. It is often difficult to find a time for testing that does not interfere with school. Gifted children usually enjoy testing, as it gives them an opportunity to exercise their exceptional reasoning abilities. At GDC, we are taking steps to ensure your family’s safety.
As we all seek to minimize the spread of COVID-19, GDC has enacted the following protocol to optimize everyone’s safety.  We are changing our scheduling policy to allow only one family at a time for assessment (two siblings may be tested concurrently).  This way, we can allay your concerns about children congregating to play during test breaks. We will be testing fewer clients per week, so please be patient while we fit you in as soon as possible. Please bring books, toys and mobile devices for your children to use during breaks, as well as sanitizer. We are removing our well-used toys from the waiting room.
We have instituted a heightened cleaning regimen, disinfecting testing and reception areas. We are wiping down furniture and cleaning test manipulatives, pencils, fidgets, etc. after each child, as we do for severe allergies. While we are known for our warmth and hugs, we now have a hug-free zone, with no touching or shaking hands.
If your child or any family member has any signs of illness, PLEASE RESCHEDULE. Please let us know if any member of your family becomes ill within 14 days of testing. If you or your child appears ill, we will ask you to reschedule. Our examiners will reschedule if they, themselves, have any signs of illness. We will let you know immediately if any of our staff develops any symptoms. 
All initial consultations will be done by phone to avoid unnecessary contact. Consultations or post-test conferences by Skype or Zoom are welcomed. 
We remain committed to you and your children, and look forward to serving you in the best and safest ways we can. Please see our Facebook page for suggestions for using this time at home.

Stay healthy, 

Gifted Development Center Staff